Are table runners still in fashion?


Well, we think yes, the fact is that table runners remain an important accessory for keeping your home dining tables, coffee tables looking stylish and fashionable. We think this also applies to anyone with a restaurant of coffee shop.  If you are not making use of what table runners offer, you are missing out on one of the most amazing yet easiest ways to keep your tables looking great.

Sprucing up your home is as easy as changing out the table decorations season to season. Whether you are looking to create a seasonal display to grace your dining room table or just want to create an extra focal point in your entry way, table runners are table linen all-stars.

These simple table decorations come in a variety of sizes, colours and textiles to suit just about everyone’s personal style.

While it is great to know that you will have plenty of options when shopping for table runners, it is important not to let them overwhelm you. Remember: creating a fun, fresh table decoration is less about following a strict set of rules and more about expressing your own creativity and design sense in a way that works with your furniture and design sensibilities.

Like any table setting piece, table runners can be simple and informal or ornate and elegant. Whether you are looking to create a traditional table for a special occasion, or something better suited for everyday entertaining.

In addition, do not think that table runners are for tables only. They can be used for just about any decorating ideas you can think of, here are a few examples.

Lounges with strong patterns can benefit from a strategically placed single tone table runner to balance out loud lines and colours.

Table runners are an easy and effective way to dress up an ordinary table and they come in a wide variety Whichever type of table runners you choose, they're an easy way to bring colour and style to any type of table from formal dining rooms to casual patio spaces. These linens are easy to use and require truly little maintenance so you can instantly add a unique look to your home.  Either way, your table will stay protected from scratches and you will enjoy a fun accessory that can bring any table a fresh look that your guests will love.

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  • I have purchased several table runners from this company. Not only do they look great on the table , the product is superb. I just put them in the washing machine with the colours, hang them on the line then iron on the wrong side. They brighten my kitchen and my day.

    Pam Hogg

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